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29. Aug 13:19

Quote of the Day #8

“If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to meet it!” - Jonathan Winters - Winters reminds us of the importance of taking action. Too many of us have become apathetic to our future and merely find ourselves going through the motions of life, day in & day out, rather than taking control of it. Have you spent countless hours (maybe months, even years) waiting for your ship to come in? I know I have. Though we may not like it, opportunity doesn’t come knocking if we aren’t waiting by the door. You can’t simply wait for something good to happen; you need to look for it, seek it out, and make it happen. How long are you going to wait for the perfect opportunity? How long will you wait for your ship to come in? How many times will you let it cruise by, ready for you, but not close enough for you to conveniently get to it? Yes, it would be nice to walk up the gang-plank and be greeted by the Captain as a dignitary. But what if it just isn’t going to happen? The quote says that you should go ahead and get wet! Swim out to it as soon as it gets close! Every time you watch it going away, you have to wonder if it will come back. And sometimes it doesn’t. What then? You’re out of luck, all because you didn’t get moving. That’s not good, is it? Taking advantage of opportunities is the opposite of procrastination. Don’t be caught sitting on the dock as your ship sails away without you. Sometimes you will have to get wet and claw your way onto the boat like a half-drowned rat. But it may be the only way to take advantage of the opportunity. Keeping your eyes open for anything that advances you in the direction of your goals or dreams is necessary to spot your ship. Once you know how badly you want to get to it, you’ll know how far out you’re willing to swim to get to it. Is this your ship? Are you ready to get wet?