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29. Aug 13:30

Quote of the Day #9

"When you are in your own lane, there is no traffic." - Quote by Ava DuVernay......................... Most people are interested in other people's lives and poke their nose at matters not related to them.. To stay focused on yourself, you should be able to say them 'stay in your lane' and 'mind your own fucking business' in a convincing way.. This phrase is used widely in a metaphorical sense as people worldwide are fond of automobiles and travel.. Life is a race where everyone has a unique lane, and the smooth way to ride for a long distance is to stick to your lane so that there is no chaos in the journey. We need to convey to others not to get involved too much in our lives and not to give any free advice when not asked for.. If there is minimum interference from others we can gain better control over our lives and emotions. But one should learn how to say stay in your lane, politely so that the relationship is not disturbed; you may say "Please leave me to my own designs" or "I appreciate your concern, but let me handle it." Here are a few quotes that you may pick up for conveying to your peers or friends. We need to focus on ourselves, without any distractions. To achieve higher life goals, we should not bother others or bothered by others; just stay calm, focused, and get our work done. The simple success formula is being positive and staying focused on the work, and not worrying about the results.... Believing in yourself is THE KEY TO HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE!