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How it works

SLEO is a platform that connects trainers, counsellors and coaches in the field of education, as well as individuals who want to be educated in all areas of life.

Partners get all the tools for easier work, marketing and promotion.

Users get excellent coaches in one place, events, webinars and an e-learning platform.

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Affiliate platform

How Does It Work?

When the user enters our store through an affiliate program, the affiliate platform records his user ID and payment ID; from now on the affiliate or merchant knows exactly how much a user is spending on created content.

The user is transferred to the store platform, where he chooses the product he wants to buy and pays for it, moving on to the content delivery platform, where the creator or distributor creates content. He consumes his content there.

The store platform takes the money provided by the user and buys SLC coins on an internal or external exchange, based on which one has enough volume and is offering a better price. SLC coins are burned and turned into internal coins, which have their value pegged to USD

Main Benefits


Web shop
Payment system
Booking system
Reservation system
Marketing system


Excellent coaches/trainers in one place
The best e-learning video lectures
Online courses
Certificates on BC
They can review the coaches/trainers
All events in one place
SL club/discounts/travels ..

Affiliate platform

Lifetime commission
Passive income
Guaranteed pay-out system
Guaranteed commission
Protected partners
Protected customers
Protected distributors

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